Witchcraft can be used as a complete routine, or use in conjunction with your current fave products.

We would recommend: 


Luminous Gel Cleanser

Luminous Glow Mist

Protection Spell Moisturiser


Earth Elements (As a scrub in the shower 3 x weekly then as a mask for 5-10 minutes once a week. More if your skin is particularly problematic) 

Secret Weapon Gel Mask (1-2 x a week as a mask then wash off before cleansing)

Luminous Gel Cleanser

Luminous Glow Mist

Elemental Alchemy Hydration Plus Moisturiser

Incorporating your current skin care:

If you use any water based serums, use them before moisturising.

If you use any oil based serums, use them after moisturising. 

Feel free to contact us with specific questions or advice.